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Buy Oreo Cake Online with Our Super Fast Online Delivery 

Oreo is the first love of not only children but also adults. The company has presented itself in such a way that adults love eating Oreo products. They have a wide variety of products from chocolates to gifts. These offers have made the customers fall in love with their products. This is where we got the idea of introducing Oreo cake for those who love Oreo and cake.  

This deadly combination of Oreo and cake has made people crazy for creating their own occasion. Ordering Oreo cake over other cakes would give you the crunchiness and sweet flavor to your taste.  

Order Oreo Cake For Your Loved Ones' Birthday

If you are in search of the best Oreo cake near you or in your city then Pickupgifts are the best option for you. We deliver things such as cake, chocolate, gifts, flowers, etc. within 24 hours and fresh.  

You don’t need a reason to have cake. We can have a cake even if there is no occasion such as wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. Cake can be consumed at any point in time. Oreo cake for example is best when you would have it evening with tea or coffee.  

Buy Oreo Cake for Any Special Occasion and Celebrate with Us 

One of the best occasions or excuses to have cake is on a birthday. Some people call it cookies and dessert, while others call it Oreo. So, why find an excuse and not order Oreo cake. Everyone loves Oreo and if it’s three layers of Oreo cake then who would not eat it?  

Pickupgifts bakes customized cakes on customers’ demand. But our technique of baking is so different that you would fall in love with the Oreo Cake or any other cake.  

They may be many online cake shops but Pickupgifts offers different products as well such as flowers, gifts, chocolates, cakes, etc.  

There are a few combinations to gift on birthdays – Oreo Cake and Flowers, Cake and Chocolates, Cake and Gifts, etc. Most of the customers prefer to buy Cake and Flowers.  

Cake shows the importance of sweet and flowers show the symbol of love. So, what’s your preference? 

Oreo cake and Occasion 

If you love chocolate and wondering what to order then don’t give it a second thought and just have a bite from our Oreo cake. Everyone thinks of an occasion to cut cake and have it but does Oreo cake need any occasion to order? 

Oreo Cake is the perfect combination of chocolate and crushed cookies.  

We bake a cake in such a way that the moist chocolate blends easily with cookies and maintains crunchiness. Just imagine how would it feel if you’re having Oreo Cake from Pickupgifts which is fresh and delicious? 

For special Occasions, we bake special cakes. Oreo has different flavors all together. Such as Vanilla, Red velvet, Chocolate, Black Forest, etc.  

What is the Nutrition Value of having Oreo Cake? 











Saturated Fat 






Vitamin A 


 FAQs related to Oreo Cake 

1. Does Oreo cake have crushed cookies?

Ans. Yes, it would have crushed cookies. Yet if you need we can customize the cake for you. 

2. Where can I order Oreo Cake?

Ans. You can order from Pickupgifts.com. You can get delivery on the same day at the place you ordered. 

3. What would be the price of 500gm of Oreo Cake?

Ans. A simple Oreo Cake would cost you Rs. 799 for 500 gm. 

Online Oreo Cake Delivery

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