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Order Pinata Cake Now and Make Celebration More Memorable 

Have you ever wondered how this cake got its name? Pinata in Spanish means “Pot” which is filled with sweets or chocolate. This was really a unique way of surprising loved ones and this all started in North America and now everyone is placing an order from Pickupgifts.  

When you think of sweet the very first thing we imagine is eating a piece of cake. So Why to wait for any occasion – Order Pinata cake.  

Pickupgifts offers varieties of cake in form of Pinata cake –  

  1. Pineapple Pinata cake 
  1. Barbie doll Pinata cake 
  1. Red velvet Pinata cake 
  1. Cartoon character Pinata cake 
  1. Ball Pinata cake 

Buy Pinata Cake with Hammer in India from PickupGifts 

Yes, you read it right. Pickupgifts offers Pinata cake with a hammer. You no need to worry about finding a hammer or forgetting to buy from a nearby store. We deliver free hammer along with Free Shipping Charges.  

Pinata cake looks amazing when you want to through a huge party for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, new year, Christmas, etc.  

What makes this cake more special? This cake has hollows in the center where the baker adds lots of chocolate, gems, etc. The top and sides are then coated with frosting and a customized design is made according to the customer. 

Along with Pinata cake, we offer Pinata cookies too. Do try out our new variation all together especially for you.  

Order Pinata Cake to Surprise Everyone Around You 

Pinata cake has made its space in most peoples’ hearts but its unique feature of 3D look. People enjoy seeing the surprised face of their loved ones and this also means giving two surprises at the same time. 

Pickupgifts not only offers Pinata cake but also different cakes such as Barbie doll cake, Photo cake, Oreo cake, Black forest cake, Etc. We bake fresh cakes with unique techniques while maintaining hygiene. You can find Pinata cake with different flavors such as chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, etc.   

Buy Delicious Pinata Cake| Add Pinata Cake to your Cart 

Pinata cake has taken the ritual of cutting cake to a different level. Each and everyone in India is demanding Pinata Cake and Pickupgifts has delivered around 200 – 300+ cakes across India. 

It’s so mesmerizing to see that we don’t actually cut the cake but smash the cake into pieces. Most of the people even play games of smashing the Pinata cake while closing their eyes and hitting the hammer on the cake.  

The external layer of Pinata cake is made up of a Chocolate shell with different shapes, such as heart, sphere, half-sphere, etc. The inner part is filled with lots of candies, gems, etc.  

Pinata cake delivery within 24 hours anywhere in India 

Pickupgifts is one of the fastest yet delivers safely to the location your ordered cake. Along with Cake we also deliver gifts, chocolates, flowers, etc. Don’t forget to check our categories of the things we sell on Pickupgifts.  

FAQs of Pinata Cake 

1. What makes Pinata cake so special?

Ans. Pinata cake is not an ordinary type of cake. A hammer is used to break the cake and has amazing things from inside. 

2. What would be the minimum weight of the cake?

Ans. Pinata cake would be approx. 1 Kg. 

3. Where can I order Pinata cake?

Ans. You can order Pinata cake from the Pickupgifts website. 

4. Which are the flavors we get in Pinata cake?

Ans. You can get many flavors – Chocolate, Strawberry, pineapple, etc. from Pickupgifts 

Online Pinata Cake Delivery

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