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PickupGifts’ cakes are unique in that they promise delicious flavours and sweet memories on a variety of occasions and can be delivered anywhere in India, at any time and in any location. Now, we are in Vadodara also. Send the delicious cakes online to Vadodara and make every occasion memorable.

Heart Shape Chocolate Cake

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₹ 1499.00

2 Tier Vanilla Cake

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₹ 5499.00

Strawberry Cake

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₹ 1499.00

Vanila Cake

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₹ 1399.00

KitKat Gems Cake(attribute)

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Order Cakes Online and Send It to Your Loved Ones Staying in Vadodara

Cakes are the most delightful of all gifts, representing affection in an edible form that will be a welcome addition to all of your celebrations.  Send cakes to Vadodara anytime, anyplace to be a part of and celebrate special occasions with those you care about. Make your celebrations more special with our special delivery network, which covers nearly 1000 locations.

Cakes are one of the most delicious creations ever, not only because of their appealing appearance, but also because of their incredible flavour. We have eggless cakes, which are 100 percent vegetarian and a favourite among vegan customers, to ensure that everyone loses themselves in a heavenly bite of this yummy delicacy.

These eggless cakes are designed to have the same taste as a traditional cake, so your loved ones can enjoy every bite and feel good about your thoughtful gesture, both literally and figuratively.

PickupGifts Presents Express Online Cake Delivery Option in Vadodara

Because of our hectic schedules and workloads, we sometimes miss a few events, occasions, and celebrations, and we even forget to wish. As a result, we hurt our loved ones and forget important occasions.

Don't be concerned...we've found a solution to your dilemma. To order cakes, you only need to use online cake delivery services. With the help of these services, no one will be harmed, no huddle will be created, and no distance will prevent you from wishing, celebrating, and surprising your loved one.

Simply search for the most trustworthy and well rated online cakes in India, and we will bring the best and most delicious cakes to your door. Not all internet sites, however, offer these fantastic delivery services.

If you're looking for online cakes order near me or online cake order services, PickupGifts can assist you. Now you can get cakes, flowers and gifts online. When you have PickupGifts at your service, there is no need to worry.

Sending and ordering cakes online in India is simple and convenient. We deliver same-day cakes, last-minute cakes, and midnight cakes to your door, and all of these services are completely free. To use our services, simply place an order for a freshly baked cake, and we will deliver it to your door.

Choose From the Vast Variety of Mouth-watering Cakes in Different flavours.

You can't imagine a cake without the soft, fluffy bread, the creamy buttercream that connects the layers, and the 'oh so sweet' icing that melts in your heart.

When it comes to cake, though, there's always room for more, and our research teams scour the globe for the most unusual cake tastes in addition to the classics that have become our favourites. When you order these delectable treats, your taste senses will be in a frenzy.

The Black Forest Cakes

This delectable cake flavour is a classic blend of chocolate and vanilla flavours, giving you the best of both worlds. A black forest cake is a rich delicacy with sweet vanilla icing on the outside and light chocolate flakes sprinkled on top.

Fresh Fruit Cakes

This cake has the most vibrant colour scheme, with slices of fruit set on a white vanilla cream backdrop. This delectable fruit cake is made out of kiwi, strawberry, and apple slices, as well as oranges and cherries.


Cupcakes, also known as mini cakes, are one of the most delicious edible masterpieces that can be taken or delivered anywhere to experience the divine sweetness that is cake. Cupcakes in flavours including Oreo Cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla, and pineapple can be delivered to your loved ones with PickupGifts.

Fondant Cakes

Fondant cakes are the latest craze, with a delicious, sugary fondant sheet covering the cake surface and allowing you to create cake masterpieces based on themes. Because they must be made on a particular order based on the gift's personality or the theme you are commemorating, these fondant cakes are also known as designer cakes.

Tier Cakes

Tier cakes are typically seen at weddings or galas due to their great size. You may now get these monstrosities of cream and cake from us to surprise your loved ones on anniversaries and graduations. These tiered cakes come in a variety of sizes, from two to eight tiers, to ensure that your cake wows everyone.

Gems Cakes

Gems are one of our favourite treats from childhood. A gems cake combines two of your favourite things, a cake and a candy, for the sweetest of all memories. These rainbow-colored diamonds that adorn your cake from top to bottom are a brilliant delight that everyone will enjoy.

Mango Cakes

Mangoes are a seasonal fruit that is only available during the summer. You can send mango cake to your loved ones through PickupGifts, which boasts the sweet and tangy taste of mangoes.

Red Velvet Cakes

With silky soft bread and icing in between, red velvet cake is everyone's favourite. This delectable treat epitomises love, both literally and symbolically, with its crimson colour expressing passion and affection. We also deliver red velvet cakes in the shape of a heart, which stimulates all of your senses.

Black Currant Cakes

With its intriguing purple hue and tart flavour, a black currant cake is a delight you should try at least once in your life, and we have everything you need to share this uncommon treat with your loved ones.

Purchase Luscious Cakes Online in Vadodara | Avail in Different Flavors

Every event calls for a delicious celebration that will leave you with a lasting memory, and our every occasion is the ideal moment to delight your taste buds to a finger-licking snack. So cakes are ideal since they not only satisfy our souls with exquisite flavours, but they also bring joy to the occasions of our loved ones.

Our celebrations will be incomplete without these beautiful fluffy pleasures, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or any other event. If you're looking for a delicious and high-quality online cake in India, PickupGifts delivers online cakes right to your door.

In our online cake shop, we have a wide variety of exotic tastes and cake collections. Strawberry cake, chocolate cake, fruit cakes, black forest cake, and many other flavours are available. We also specialise in fondant cakes, personalised cakes, heart-shaped cakes, and a variety of other cake styles for all occasions.

We also have cakes for Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Mother's Day, and other special occasions. This is why we are the most popular and best-rated online cake shop. All of our cakes are within your budget. So treat your loved one to our wonderful online cakes.

Make Every Moment Special with Our Express Delivery in Vadodara

Are you running late and don't have time to visit the local bakery and place an order for a cake while juggling priorities and picking it up from the cake shop? PickupGifts comes to your rescue by providing same-day cake delivery to your desired location, allowing you to surprise your loved one.

Furthermore, this offer is best suited for last-minute cake buying orders when you are pressed for time but still want to ensure that no special occasions go astray. At all times, relying on PickupGifts for same-day cake delivery is the finest option.

Cakes are the best because, although being a very conventional gift item, they are also the most sought after. When you give cakes as a gift, you're not only safe, but also popular, because no one can say no to this delightful addition to any occasion.

You can send cakes for Valentine's Day, New Year's Eve, and other occasions in addition to birthdays and anniversaries. A cake from you will not only be the sweetest addition to the day's celebration, but also one that will be remembered for a long time.

Surprise Your Loved Ones’ with Our Midnight Cake Delivery in Vadodara

Nobody can convey the joy of receiving an unexpected gift on their special day, especially when it comes from a loved one who lives thousands of miles away. This sweet and kind act makes you feel incredibly cherished and honoured, and it makes you feel like you're floating on cloud nine. With midnight cake delivery in Vadodara, Pickupgifts has the capacity to make this a reality for you and your loved ones.

All of your orders, including those placed at midnight, are delivered from nearby bakeries and cake stores, ensuring that your cake is fresh and nutritious. Freshly baked and expertly made, a PickupGifts cake is an experience you can share with your loved ones.

Fresh & Flavourful Cakes Only at PickupGifts | Buy Now at Affordable Prices

Cakes are the most anticipated of all gifts, with various occasions that occur every month. Why give up this practise as you get older if all your childhood memories include you impatiently waiting for the cake to be sliced and the candles to be blown out?

PickupGifts has created cakes that start at INR 499 to recreate such experiences for your loved ones that will last a lifetime. Classic tastes like vanilla, black forest, butterscotch, and chocolate, as well as fruit flavours like pineapple, strawberry, and fresh fruit cake, are among our delectable cake varieties.

Exotic tastes such as blueberry cheesecake, chocolate mousse cake, dry fruits cakes, and others are available to tempt your taste buds. A cake with one's favourite flavour evokes good memories while also creating new ones.

Although cakes are perishable items with a short shelf life, when you order cakes online, we ensure that your cake is freshly baked and delivered to your loved one's doorstep in a flash from cake shops near you. Cakes prepared with affection and creatively arranged to appeal to all of your senses are available at PickupGifts. Enjoy!

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