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Order online gifts from pickupgifts and get easy delivery at midnight or within a day. Pick from our amazing collection of gifts for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. Surprise them with premium quality gifts which they will cherish forever. From flowers, cakes, mugs, photo frames to watches, handbags, customized gifts, we have it all to help you surprise your loved ones.

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Order Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Someone Special

These gifts will work regardless of the vicinity of your partner. This means that these can be used for a long distance partner as well as, a partner who stays near. Gifting can be fun and easy when you know your partner well. Moreover, we offer mid night deliveries and also same day deliveries to make your experience of Valentine’s Day all the more special. Order online now with pickupgifts!

1. Customized Gifts

Personalized or Customized gifts show how much you know the other person and how much you pay attention to them. These also directly indicate that you put thought and effort into planning it. There cannot be a gift better than the customized one. Neither can prove to be as much romantic. Your customized gift can include a scrapbook, an album or anything, but with your personal touch to it. It can also be as simple as a cake. But what flavor, design and words to write on it you choose, make the world of a difference. Some popular options are personalized cakes, mugs, photo frames, cushions and cakes. You can never go wrong with these classic ideas.

2. Flowers for Guys and Girls

Flowers have always been the classic go to when expressing feelings of almost any kind. Did you know there is a rose for every kind of relationship? Yellow rose is used to denote friendship, platonic friendship to be specific, Black is for enemies, Red roses are of course for the lovers, and the White rose shows respect and also Soul connection with someone. The Pink rose symbolizes grace and also gratitude.

It is universally known that girls love when they are given flowers on any day, let alone a special day. But so is true for boys too! So if you are a girl thinking of gifting flowers to your boyfriend, husband or fiancé, do so without any hesitation. They will love it. It is seldom that men ever receive flowers so when they do, you are being unique and creating a special impression on them. Girls basically love flowers and although it is highly normal for girl’s to get flowers, it is very rare that they are gifted these because people want to do unique stuff. Going classic can never go wrong. They can be any flowers. Usually Red Roses are the norm but you can also go for Orchids, Lilies, Tulips, Daisies and others.

3. Cakes and Chocolates

This, again, is one of the classic ideas. Although flowers and cakes are a cliché, that’s what most rom-coms are. And guess what, people love them. Red velvet cakes are the most popular when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Do you want your story too to be a classic romance? Then go for these traditional clichés. The freshly baked cakes bring spring freshness to the relationship and did you know that chocolates were aphrodisiac? Get the best chocolates or chocolate combos along with the cake. You can also go for chocolate bouquets instead of traditional flower bouquets. Choco truffles are liked by men and women alike. The chocolate packs work like a charm when it comes to gifting and can be cherished longer than a few hours too. Don’t worry we do have mega boxes to satisfy the insatiable choco-maniacs. The bestsellers during this time of the year usually are chocolate cakes and red velvet cakes. It is a must for cakes to be heart shaped. Sounds Cliché? Rather romantic.

4. Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are a great option when you are out of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts and still want to manage to make it surprising. It involves less of brain racking and more of the surprise element. These are life savers when you have the least time and even energy to decide yet want to show up with the best gift. Except for selecting the type of baskets you want to go for, you don’t have to think a lot into the details.

5. Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Did you know that greeting cards for Valentine’s Day were originally known as Valentines? Greeting cards were very prominent during mid 1900s. They were known as Valentines and there was another alternative for these for the ones you wanted to reject. They used to be very mean greetings though. However, Greeting cards became essential on Valentine’s Day and also gave boom to the card industries back then.

Greeting cards are a great way to assert your affection in a very simple manner. You can also write on it if you don’t want to rely solely on the words already printed. These are great for people who are planning on confessing their feelings for the first time on Valentine’s Day. They are available in vibrant colors with roses embossed on them. Personalized cards are also available wherein you can add photographs and personal notes.

6. Love Plants

These are very unique and also meaningful when it comes to gifting to a loved one. Gifting saplings and baby plants that will eventually grow when nurtured signifies that you also hope for your relationship together to grow by watering and nurturing it one day at a time. It is also a gift that lasts and a gift that keeps giving. You can also choose exotic planted flowers.

7. Women’s Accessories for Her

To grace and adorn your ladylove, the best kind of gift that you can give that can make her happy and also want to flaunt it everywhere, is jewelry and accessories. These include things like handbags, trinkets, jewelry, perfumes and other such gift ideas that would make her love you even more for your choice. Make it your best choice apart from her! Her being your first best choice, obviously. You can gift her clutches, rings, necklaces that are so popular these days among women. These delicate jewelry trinkets look really pretty and are also very trendy and light on her, which means, they will be easy for her to carry. What could be better?

8. Men’s Accessories for Him

Men’s accessories are a really great gift idea for your man as he might not buy this stuff for himself. So it will also serve the purpose of utility for him. You can go for ties and beautiful cufflinks for Shirts, Blazers, or on Kurtas.

Impress Him & Her on Valentine’s Day With Amazing Gifts 

The pressure on newly together couples for their first valentine’s day is really high. What if it’s not perfect? What if it’s not according to the expectations of our other half? Same is the case with newly engaged and newlyweds! The first Valentine’s Day with your partner should be lovely and full of love, not anxiety and pressure. Below we have presented to you a table that easily shows our ideas and suggestions for you to surprise your loved ones in the best possible way with the best possible gifts.

The Recipient of the Gift/ Relation

Gifting Ideas


Customized gifts, Cakes, Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy bears and other soft toys


Customized gifts, Cakes, Flowers, Chocolates, Mugs and more


Indoor plants, Customized cushions, Scented candles, Handbags, Jewelry


Customized Cakes, Perfumes, Tie, Gift baskets and other such things


Watches, Heart shaped cakes, Gift baskets, Shirts, Chocolate bouquets


Clutches, Handbags, Matching mugs, Women’s accessories

Order Valentine’s Gifts for Your Girlfriend Online

Everything seems better when you are young and in love. Make special days more special with your loved ones by ordering gifts for your girlfriend from pickupgifts. A few suggestions for gifts for your girlfriend are customized gifts, photo frames with a lovely picture of you two. Cakes, flowers and chocolates are going to and a must. You can go with teddy bears that bear a message and other soft toys and plushy toys. Girls love such stuff but do have your preferences when picking a gift as every person is different. Going with stereotypes can prove to be fatal especially when in a new relationship.

Gift her something that she recently lost or broke or has wanted since a long time. This shows that you pay attention to her which further shows that you care. That is one of the most important things in a relationship. You can also go with handbags or clutches that are according to the liking of your girlfriend. Try to know their preferences beforehand, by unsuspicious means of course.

Surprise Gifts for Boyfriend – Order Online

Get customized gifts for your boyfriend or personalize them. You can get cakes, flowers and chocolates, the classic style. Now, this can be a little surprising when girlfriends do it for boyfriends, you should totally go for this. Also, you can go for matching coffee mugs for the two of you.

It is always better when a gift is more symbolic and meaningful. That is also the reason why most customized gifts work. However, a gift doesn’t always have to be personalized to make it more meaningful. Also, go for a gift that your loved ones can cherish for a long time. You can easily go for a gadget that he wanted. Like earphones or headsets that got broken. This will show that you pay attention to him and also care about him. We would suggest matching mugs, a tie, flowers, watches and perfumes as gifts for valentines for your boyfriend. Order them online now from our site.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

Your husband and you have committed to spend a life time together. This forever kind of love needs a gift that too is cherished forever. The gift for your husband should be something that shouts how much you know each other, because that is the most important at this stage in your life.

Life partners don’t usually have pressure about what they will gift each other. They know each other inside out. We would have suggested you to gift something along the lines of Perfume, Tie, Gift basket and other such things. But if you have already done this given the years you have been together, you can also go the traditional romantic way. Plan a candle light dinner with red velvet cakes, flowers, and some scented candles! You can also get something like a camera or a guitar is he used to play it in his college days; for the hobby he wanted to pursue since a long time but just couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

You promised to keep each other happy till the end of time and now, more than ever, is the time to prove that to her. Every woman has expectations from her husband when it comes to special days that celebrate their bond of love be it anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Gift her something she can cherish for a long time. Be it a product, showpiece, or an experience. You can plan a classic and traditional candle light dinner at home for your wife. Get a cake, preferably Red Velvet, Flowers, Scented candles. You can also go for a ring along with these and recreate your proposal if it was a bit similar!

Some amazing ideas include unique coasters for the living room with your initials on them, Statement earrings, Delicate pieces of jewelry like pendants and necklaces that has both your initials on them or rather just says “love” or a heartbeat necklace. In jewelry, women also love rings, especially stackable rings. Bracelets are also a great way to show your love through jewelry. After jewelry you can easily go for handbags and clutches. Gifting plants and saplings to your loved ones is an emerging trend these days. Baby plants are gifted to watch them grow along with your relationship. These can be flower plants or even fruits. As the plant matures, so does the relationship. It is good to look back how far you have come just by a reminder in your very room of a grown plant bearing fruits or flowers. This is highly symbolic and very apt especially for gifting it to your fiancée. It is a very thoughtful gift and also serves a meaning and purpose. Needless to say, it is also environment friendly.

Gifts to Give to Fiancé on Valentine’s Day

For gift products for Valentine’s Day, we suggest you gift from Watches, Heart shaped cakes, Gift baskets, Shirts and Chocolate bouquets to your fiancé. Crystal cubes with pictures of your choice can also be ordered at pickup gifts. Gift baskets are a lot of rage these days. They are essentially gift hampers with multiple products in it. They can be in the categories of skin care, self care, chocolates, beauty, grooming and combo gifts. There are some other creative ways too in which you can express your feelings to your would-be husband. You can go for a classic date with cakes and flowers and chocolate and such stuff, which is really romantic too.

Otherwise gifting plants and saplings to your loved ones is in trend these days. Baby plants are gifted to watch them grow along with your relationship. These can be flower plants or even fruits. As the plant matures, so does the relationship. It is good to look back how far you have come just by a reminder in your very room of a grown plant bearing fruits or flowers. This is highly symbolic and very apt especially for gifting it to your fiancé with whom you are to make memories and spend a lot of time, years to be precise.

Gifts for Fiancée for Valentine’s Day

Your fiancée is the dream woman that you always wanted to spend your life with and Valentine’s Day gives you an amazing opportunity to build and develop your relationship with her. On this special day, shower her with love and also Valentine’s Day gifts to show your love for her. Grab a red rose bouquet in one hand and a cake in the other. Alternatively, you can also surprise her throughout the Valentine’s Week. We have gifts for each day of the valentine’s week at pickup gifts for your fiancée like Gift baskets, accessories, photo frames, mugs, flower bouquets, chocolate bouquets, gifting combos etc. Get delivery right at her doorstep by ordering online with us. Place your order for the Valentine’s Day gifts online and send Valentine gifts directly to her. Get premium quality gifts delivered at your doorstep. Order now.

Valentine’s Week –  Days Leading Up to the Big Day

The Valentine’s Week starts from 7th of February and ends on 14th, which is the Valentines’ Day. Get prepared for a weeklong celebration of love with pickup gifts. We got you covered. We are your gift solution for the whole week.




7th February

Rose Day

On this day, partners and couples serenade their lovers with rose; red ones being the most prominent

8th February

Propose Day

On this day, people confess their feelings to their partners. This is a great occasion for people who have been wanting to ask someone out.

9th February

Chocolate Day

People offer each other chocolates on this day. This is not just for people who are romantically involved and even friends share chocolates on this day.

10th February

Teddy Day

Teddy bears are snug and comfortable. Gift your loved ones cute teddy bears to remind them of you every now and then.

11th February

Promise Day

On this day, lovers make promises to each other, especially to stay by each other’s side for a long, long time. people often exchange promise rings on this day.

12th February

Hug Day

On this day, people offer hugs to each other and embrace each other. It denotes comfort and a safe space. Warm hugs are the best. People also exchanger teddies and chocolates on this day.

13th February

Kiss Day

A kiss is the most romantic gesture ever. It shows passion and love. People kiss on this day and also promise to stay together this and every other Valentine’s Day.

14th February

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the big day to which all these days lead. It is celebrated to make your loved one feel special and loved and cherished. People plan elaborate celebrations and also go for simple things like Greeting Cards and Roses. Red is usually the color associated with this day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best Valentine’s Day gift?

Ans. A Valentine’s Day gift depends on the person you are choosing the gift for. It is subjective but you can never go wrong with a Cake and Roses.

Q: What is the story behind Valentine’s Day?

Ans. Valentine’s Day id named after Saint Valentine who was an advocate of love. Saint Valentine was punished to death on 14th February for marrying off soldiers in the Christian way under Claudius’ rule. Under his rule soldiers were not allowed to marry for their better efficiency as a fighter.

Q: When is breakup day?

Ans. Breakup day is on 21st February. This was created for fun because of much talk around Valentine’s Day and to mock most people who vowed by Valentine’s Day didn’t last more than a week.

Q: What is the meaning of Valentine?

Ans. Valentine means a sweetheart. In early days, greeting cards or notes were also known as Valentines.

Q: How can I surprise my partner on Valentine’s Day?

Ans. Send her a gift or flowers and a cake on Valentine’s Day at mid night. Order online with pickup gifts and get it delivered at the doorstep.

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